Neutrality Is Not An Option

The atmosphere in Malaysia is yet to reach the peak of its political climate, but the intensity of mind games have grown stronger than we had ever experienced in the past.

Everybody would have witnessed that despite poster-battles and flag-wars flooding the streets, the election spirit has elevated incredibly high to the extent of abuse of mainstream medias, mainly deemed as the ruling government’s last hope and machinery to not lose people’s trust in their governance.

Obviously to do this they will have to convince us with faulty promises so we could leave them some space to not rock their luxury boat, at least for the next 4 years. Many of us may have forgotten the government’s flop in fulfilling the 8th Malaysia Plan (8MP) goals where most plans, as usual, remained plans and just plans. No implementation, no progress, no completion. In fact few plans, which were actually initiated, were about to materialise when the 9th Malaysia Plan was launched in 2006. And the worse case scenario is that 9MP is a continuum to that of 8MP. I call that ‘re-branding’.

The issue of voters registration process has been another story that still a lot of people would not have bothered to listen to. While there are some people out there assumed responsibilities to act as ‘watchdogs’ for the electoral process and the Election Commission (EC) as a whole, we still fail to recognise another serious flaw in the system which leads to the infamous ‘phantom voters’ issue – the National Registration Department (NRD). The NRD plays the most crucial part in updating the list of voters, and specifically, to prompt removal of deceased voters from the electoral registration system. Such lack of integration between EC and NRD would clearly suggest that the government had failed to act on maintaining a free and fair electoral process, which could easily be done by revamping the management figureheads in both independent organisations.

The two scenarios mentioned above are examples of truths we can never hear of as long as we close our eyes and shut our hearts from getting ourselves interested to keep up with current issues.

I was born in 1986. I am 22 years of age and I am so bloody grateful to be given a chance to decide on who should run my future. A chance to demand for a better change. A chance to express a judgement which will affect the very life of my future generations. A chance to stand on my ground and exercise my utmost responsibility to ensure that my beloved soil will not turn into a surviving deserted battleground. A chance to prove my stance rather than just ‘borak-borak kosong’ at ‘mamak stalls’ grousing over corruptions, crime rates, price hikes, and Khairy Jamaluddin.

A sole vote represents a sole voice. A sole voice represents one’s outcry for the best governance in the country. And when these voices are united, and where one outcry is stronger than the other, democracy prevails and shall decide for the best to rule. I would be so bloody proud to be even a small part in the outcry. Whether my outcry is fulfilled or not is less important to me as long as the final outcome is justified by a reliable democracy process. I will then tell myself, “Okay, I’ve done my part. Now lets get on with whatever happens in the next 4 years. Case closed.”

No regrets. No upsets. No more uproars.

I am prepared. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Whatever the outcome is I am ready to face the consequences and never will I regret if they say I have voted for the wrong side. But to witness the emerging ignorance among the youths around my age is rather disappointing. Heartbreakingly disappointing.

Very few whom I know well are actually aware of political surroundings and the mind games they are playing, but fewer whom I know well are registered to be decisive and vote out their stance. Instead, as many of you could have figured out already, most youths favour to belong to a state of mind which is strongly triggered by ignorance and escapism – neutrality.

I have been told that the common reason behind neutrality is that most of those who belong to this state of mind recognise the misgivings of conduct stirring in the current leadership of BN, but yet feel the country is not ready for a fresh and inexperienced leadership under opposition’s commands.

Think, and think back again. And ask yourself this, “What I decide now will affect the state of my country for generations in future, including my sons and grandsons and the rest of them. What would be the most satisfying and convincing solution to this dilemma? ” Sit back and relax until the cats have nine tails, then you may get a clue of an answer.

Another reason of being neutral that I have noticed is that the youths usually do not enjoy having chats and talks about topics they are not familiar with, or one which they may not be able to proudly brag about. Hence the preference to ‘escape’ from such topic, and rather talk about something else that they feel more well-versed in, while ‘ignoring’ the heated up surroundings going on around them.

Its rather sad to accept that the brilliance and precious energy of the younger generations are drained down wasted instead of being channeled to benefit the future leadership of the country. Being neutral is as bad as not being grateful to live our life since we actually decide not to take part in creating an effective leadership system, and this would undoubtedly lead to a sin.

Even worse, being neutral is no better than voting for the wrong side since we could have care less to worry about other people. In other words, overly selfish.


~ by We want truth not speculations on March 5, 2008.

6 Responses to “Neutrality Is Not An Option”

  1. the youth nowadays are more concern about music, movies, parties and all other sort of entertainment available in this country. not many of them think that the political situation in this country will have an effect to their life as well.

    i am very sad to see, young people still think that zaman muda adalah masa untuk bersuka ria.

  2. true enough.

    but i don’t exclude myself from having those kinds of interests. all it takes for us to decide is to be aware and curious. by escaping and ignoring these facts will only lead us to our own world, and neutrality becomes our favourite end.

    time has brought us to a further journey and i believe more people of our generation are opening their eyes lately.

    kudos to those who’ve done their part.

  3. btw..aku tulis dalam bm ye pai..x tere aku speaking2 ni..haha..
    ada sesuatu yang aku agak bangga jugak,..
    leh kata blood brother kita semua amek berat pasal politik..
    maybe sebab kita dari koleq..benda2 mcm ni kita tetap titik beratkan sebab kalau kita x amek berat negara sendri,sapa nk amek tau bukan?
    aku rasa x mustahil kalau nnt praya lpas2 ni ade blood brother yg bertanding..
    aku mmg setuju sangat x ramai yg amek berat psl hal2 politik..
    bila nk mula cakap psl poilitik..alasan plg popular : itu isu org2 tua..dan kita yang memikirkan tentang masa depan negara ni dikatakan org tua..demit!!
    ape2 pn..mungkin kita boleh sedarkan kawan2 disekeliling kita betapa politik dan masa depan negara memang penting dan kita sebagai generasi masa depan mesti amek tau..
    cuma sedikit luahan pendapat..kalau silap..maaf ye pai..

  4. thanks gochi there’s nothing wrong in expressing ur very own thoughts. i agree about the whole thing indeed.

    on ‘sedarkan’ our friends to these matters, it takes a lot of interest in them to make their stance.the best we can do is to share our opinions when our friends ARE willing to start chatting about it. no push is needed to expect people to entertain our views. so long as people do not have interest, i will not bother talking.

    appreciate ur comment.

  5. BN underestimate their opponents and BA overestimate their opponents. I would like to bring ur mind to my place where Dr.Jeyakumar rules now(Sg Siput). He looks like too ‘soft’ and not have much confidence to talk in front of people. Fears perhaps. Fears of Samy,haha…nway, Samy is really good man and able to communicate well even stand on the crowds. just look at his history je la.

    I’m not saying that I’m Samy’s supporter but you can compare the experience and unexperienced.(experience on corruption..haha..)

    we empower Jeyakumar…

    true,neutrality is not an option!~

  6. congrats on the new blog pai. keep em coming.

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