Rebuttal On Fuel Price Issue

In the heat of campaigning before March 8, the opposition parties came up with three manifestos of their own, under different names but with common goals and promises. BN had one;Prosperity, Security, and Peace.

They were saying a coalition which does not have a common manifesto would lack understanding and unity, and that they would not have a prominent voice to lead since there are three leaders fighting for their own parties. Adding to that, through their common ‘tongue’ of mainstream media, they commented on promises outlined in the opposition’s manifestos as being unrealistic and unachievable to be promised to the rakyat, despite these promises were responded with loud and energetic cheers from those who were there to listen.

For a real fact it was, some decide to be skeptical in believing the promises. Popular ones would be mentioned without fail like reducing crime rates, corruptions, hardcore poverties, rising inflations, and the most jubilant one would obviously be the reduction in fuel price. Sensitive as it may be, skeptical human beings would think of how likely can it happen?

Khairy Jamaluddin took this opportunity to write out an article in the NST to specifically rebut on DSAI’s insistence to reduce fuel price once he comes in power. According to him, DSAI was easy to say that fuel price stayed at RM1.10 per litre when he was in office as the Finance Minister of Malaysia, for 8 years since 1991 to 1998. Since the crude oil price was as low as $20 per barrel back then, there was no reason to bring up the price.

Khairy further argued that the USD per barrel of crude oil has now risen up to more than $100 per barrel in the international market, making it impossible to reduce the fuel price locally since the country would be deemed bankrupt one day. His misinterpreted facts led to DSAI being accused of lying and manipulating the rakyat for the sake of gaining massive supports.

It is rather sad to witness that a lot of my friends actually fell for his trick, or maybe his stupidity. And really I do not feel like explaining why on earth should we not believe in what Khairy was trying to say. Disgusting as it may seem, you will realise that he makes us feel stupid and embarrassed for having an over-ambitious leader like him.

Petronas’ profit after tax had risen up from RM20 billion to a staggering RM40 billion from 1998 to 2007. Its 2007 profit of RM40 billion was the amount after deducting the amount of payment made to the government for RM56 billion (as tax, dividends, royalties, and export duties). This would mean a total profit of almost RM100 billion in 2007.

Is RM10 billion significant compared to RM100 billion? Mind you with only RM10 billion of its profit we can all be happy again and return to our normal lives.

Now tell me if I am wrong. The crude oil price had risen up to more than $100 per barrel. A whooping 500% increase in international market. A humble trader would understand that an oil exporter would not be affected adversely by the fluctuations in crude oil prices, as long as they do not go below its cost of exploration, which is certainly unlikely to happen.

Dear Khairy. How can exporting countries like Brunei, Nigeria, Iran, Qatar, and even us be affected badly by the mounting increase? If you mind not being stupid and arrogant, even a slight increase would do us benefit to Petronas’ revenue. BECAUSE WE ARE SELLING AND NOT BUYING THEM. What more if it is an increase as high as 500%?

It makes no wonder to accept that we are the second lowest country in the region in terms of local fuel price – of course after Brunei – and we should be grateful despite the recent hikes. And, bloody hell, why are we not comparing ourselves to Brunei? Please tell us more bullshit Khairy because you are becoming worse than a clown in a court.

I heard people saying we should not depend on Petronas to ease our daily expenses. If we hope for further subsidies to be given, we will end up hindering the company’s growth from being more competitive in the international markets. And we need budgets to fund explorations in other countries once our reserves are done for. Reducing fuel price would be ridiculous if Petronas is to grow further.

People. Please give a bit of your time and think. Petronas is financed by the government, where its money come from the tax payers. Individual tax, company tax, real property gains tax, road tax, and other sorts of taxes are channeled to the government with a mandate. The rakyat‘s mandate. Petronas belongs to the rakyat and the rakyat own Petronas. Petronas is not even listed in Bursa Saham because it is wholly owned by the rakyat. We, as the rakyat, have every right to have a say in what the company is supposed to do. And we are talking about the rakyat suffering from inflations and poverty, yet some are still thinking that a company owned by rakyat should grow at the expense and the sacrifice of rakyat. Tell me that you are not with Khairy in this.

There is a Chinese belief saying that where the people’s burden is reduced and brought down, productivity of the country will increase. Any daydreamer would have figure this out. All it needs are only a bit of a thought over the issue and a logical thinking piece of mind.

Get this son-of-a-bitch-in-law outta here.


~ by We want truth not speculations on March 11, 2008.

8 Responses to “Rebuttal On Fuel Price Issue”

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  2. get rid of him!! khairi the Malayan Rasputin..

  3. pai suda ada blog..
    suke aku bace penulisan ko pai..

  4. thanks for all the greetings my friends. been catching up with ur updates too for quite some time.

    i’ve tried inserting the free version of cbox to my page but i’m not sure if wordpress supports its code. i’ll try some alternatives to that.

    btw sori kalo kekurangan gambar2 yg menarik. mmg habuk pun tarak. i’ll work on that as well tapi x tau lg la bila ;p

  5. ni baru je fuel crisis.macam mane pulak pembalakan kat Kedah ngan Perak? khazanah bumi kat Malaysia nie milik rakyat,bukan para para pemimpin yang punye. sanggup diorang bagi keturunan diorang makan ‘barangan yang tak halal’…ahaha..

    kelakar..menjawab la kat akhirat nanti..berbuih la kene seksa…itupun kalau masih Islam lagi la..Rase nye tak dah kot,sebab dah ade Islam Hadhari yang kunun nye lagi mantap..

    **pai,dunno whether ko nyer blog nie ade pasal islam hadhari ke tak?sebab tak travel abes lagi ko nyer blog(tak perasan perhaps).if ader tell me..

  6. Just a correction.

    PETRONAS is not financed by the taxpayers money, rather PETRONAS financing the country.

    The only taxpayer’s money that ever went into PETRONAS was the initial RM10 million injected in 1976 as its share capital.

    So not exactly right to say the people have every right to have a piece at the sum generated.

    The arrangement is straight-forward: PETRONAS should be left alone to be competitive and generate as much money from what it does best – oil & gas. PETRONAS will return whatever it can return to the government.

    It is up to the government then to decide what to do with the money – give more as subsidy etc.

    So rakyat should pick a fight with the government, not PETRONAS. Not happy, throw the government out 🙂

  7. kamu buat aku berfikir.
    secara logiknya memang betul apa yg kamu katakan.
    ramai yg tertipu la bro tp i guess dr keputusan GE, rakyat yg selama ni diam dah mula bersuara lantang.

    p/s: mana post baru?

  8. hey there.hope u don’t mind if i link u in my blog.thanks

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