The Polling Night

I was there with my father and the rest of my siblings being part of the most honorable convoy in my lifetime. A night of a memoir, news of unofficial announcements came pouring in one after another at a bungalow in Bangsar. Some were responded with disappointments, but most of the earlier feeds did create jubilant moments among the family and the team. Some were shouting, some were jumping, and they all hugged each other to every good news from every phone calls received.

And the most delightful moment of the night was Shahrizat’s announcement to concede her defeat to her young and charismatic opposition candidate – Nurul Izzah Anwar. The new voice of Lembah Pantai. The new hope of Malaysia’s political arena.

A convoy of 5 cars headed to a community hall in Bangsar. We were there for the official announcement of Izzah’s success to be made. Soon as we arrived, the convoy was broken by the flooding crowd outside the hall. Me and my father and the rest of the siblings were not allowed to get further inside. The same goes to Izzah’s immediate family. We were forced to stand outside together with the crowd who already had been there much earlier.

Obviously the police force were there whose presence were purportedly to prevent from riot. Three FRU trucks arrived later on. As if there was going to have a repeat of the illegal rallies.

We dismissed anyway not because of any violence were caused. No tear gas, no water cannons, no whatsoever. We moved to another place for a bbq in Damansara. Astro Awani was famously viewed that night though it was a bit irritating to note that Suhaimi Sulaiman and his crew were trying hard to sound as neutral as possible. Just like 1968, everybody was afraid to show a little bit of support to the opposition parties. Anything could happen to threaten your job security.

We have got a phone call later on from Brother Azra; assistant to Nurul Izzah. Nurul Izzah and the team were still in the hall and they had been there for 3 hours just to wait for the official announcement by the EC representative. We were told 3000 votes (of maybe 14 ballot boxes I presume) were not identified their status yet. Pending, and it caused a very considerable delay.

What were these people trying to do? Hadn’t they have enough of it? The mighty sound of Bangsarians was very clear that they wanted a change in their leadership. Nurul Izzah was powerful and outstanding in her speech and it was her best speech ever before the clock ticks at 12. To say Nurul Izzah’s influence was insignificant to translate into the ballot box was bullshit. The message was loud and clear, even louder than the entertainers hired by the BN to excite the Bangsar voters. They were booed instead. And Nurul Izzah did not need CEOs to convince the rakyat.

Well, it turned out that Nurul Izzah won the parliamentary seat anyway and the whole nation knows about it now. What a big figure she is. She is only 27. But despite the victory, the attempted manipulation was apparently there and I believed some people had reacted to these actions, and they ignored the unrecognised votes. What a waste of time.

Look through the newspapers and you will see the difference of votes between them – Nurul Izzah won for exactly 3000 majority, tallying with the uncounted votes. And this, was only at one place.


~ by We want truth not speculations on March 11, 2008.

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