from the Hybrid Mind


I’ve always thought writing blogs is a pathetic thing to do and never came across the idea to write one in the future. But witnessing the growing popularity of ‘blogoticians’ had somehow inspired me to write out some of my own thoughts and opinions about just anything ranging from my education field, corporate issues, sports, memorable events, to current issues and happenings.

It can be on just anything as long as it does not contain any elements representing negative attitudes and thinking. I am indeed in the process of shaping up my maturity level by translating my thoughts into Hybrid Messages but yet in a professional manner.

So please. If you care to spend your priceless time reading my thoughts and have anything to say against my points, please feel free to rebut. I enjoy having friendly, educational debates. And for this reason, I can assure you that all sorts of comments given will be responded in the most professional manner as how those responds should deserve to be.

Kind regards,

Faizal Khalid.


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